Lumerin Marketplace Configuration

Using Titan Lightning with Lumerin Marketplace

1. Setup your Lumerin Wallet and use the Lightning Address

  • Download and Install the Lumerin Wallet and access the Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace.

  • After you've secured your wallet and mnemonic, you'll be asked to "Configure Default Pool" ... this is where you'll use the Titan Pool for Lightning Payouts and the new Lightning Address

    • This will direct all purchased hashrate to the Titan Pool and leverage Titan Lightning for payouts to your newly created Lightning Address

2. Bridge LMR and ETH to Arbitrum

  • Before being able to purchase hashrate in the Lumerin Marketplace, you'll need to bridge your Lumerin (LMR) and Ethereum (ETH) to the Arbitrum network

  • Review our Gitbook or Medium article for further detailed instructions

3. Purchase Hashpower Contract

  • Once in the Marketplace, select the hashrate contract you want to acquire and click Purchase

  • On the Purchase Hashpower screen, you should see that you will be forwarding your hashrate to the address using your Lightning Account

  • Click Review Order or edit details as needed

  • On the Review Purchase screen, click on the Confirm Purchase button to finalize and submit your purchase order to the blockchain

  • Once the transaction is confirmed by the network’s nodes, you’re all set! You’ll start receiving instant payouts with every new block on the address you provided.

  • You can review and monitor your payouts from the Titan Lightning website

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